Firefox Password Recovery

Firefox Password Recovery 1.3

Recovers lost passwords in Firefox

Firefox Password Recovery is a software program that can help you recover any password or username you have stored while browsing the internet using Mozilla Firefox.

When you surf the web, you need to remember a large amount of usernames and passwords to access the different sites. In order to help remember these passwords, Firefox features a username and password storage tool that saves the information and displays it in the right location.

When we visit a password protected website we don’t need to remember the information. However, if your browser crashes or encounters a problem, you would not be able to retrieve this data.

Firefox Password Recovery searches all Firefox registries and finds the passwords and usernames you need to remember, even if your browser has collapsed.

It also allows you to recover e-mail passwords you have used with Mozilla Thunderbird. Firefox Password Recovery is a tool any Mozilla user should consider in case their browsers shut down and it is necessary to recover valuable information.

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Firefox Password Recovery


Firefox Password Recovery 1.3

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